Fluid Bed Processor

Pharmachem Cosmetics Industries, as Fluid Bed Processor Manufacturers in Mumbai, embraces a new approach to GMP regulations and fluid bed technology for the production of the Fluid Bed Dryer. The PCI Fluid Bed Processor ensures enhanced performance. The drying time in the machine is much less than in the conventional model. There is minimum involvement of manual labor, simplified maintenance, and utilizing modular construction techniques to provide flexible installation options.

Pharmachem is at the forefront of technological advancements, providing state-of-the-art machinery that incorporates the latest innovations in the industry. With a commitment to quality and reliability, the pharmaChem industry delivers solutions tailored to meet diverse needs. Fluid Bed Processor Suppliers in Maharashtra provide a two-piece unit crafted from SS-304/316 stainless steel. Each fluid bed dryer undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and safety. We prioritize quality to give you peace of mind and uninterrupted operations.

This unit facilitates mixing dry powders, agglomeration, and drying in a single Fluid Bed Dryer. Fluid Bed Processor Manufacturers and Suppliers in India, as a prominent leading offering of fluid bed dryers, are widely utilized in the pharmaceutical industry to decrease the moisture content of pharmaceutical granules and powder. Also recognized as a fluidized bed dryer, this machine boasts excellent gas-particle interaction, allowing for a high rate of moisture removal and resulting in elevated mass and heat transfer rates.

Fluid Bed Processor

Technical Specification:-

Description PCI-30 PCI-60 PCI-20 PCI-200 PCI-250
Capacity Of Dryer In Kgs At 0.6 Kg / Lt Bulk Density 30-50 50-70 120-150 200-220 250-270
Working Capacity Of Product Container In Liters 50 100 200 335 420
Total Volume Of Product Container In Ltrs 100 200 400 580 760
Blower Motor h.p. 5 H.P. 10 H.P. 15 H.P. 20 H.P. 20 H.P
Heater Load 18 K.W. 36 K.W. 60 K.W. ------ -------
Steam Consumption 25 KGS 55 KGS 110 KGS 180 KGS 240 KGS
Heating Capacity In Kcl / Hr 11610 23220 38700 77400 96750
Space Requirements Approx. ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
Length 1550 1550 2480 2500 2700
Width 900 1200 1400 2150 1900
Height With Motor 2150 2650 2950 3400  

DESCRIPTION & OPERATION OF: Fluid Bed Processor / FBP Machine / Fluidized Bed Processing Equipment 

Bottom chamber

The foremost function of the bottom chamber is to consistently mix hot air before allowing it to enter into the product container. The container and bottom chamber have appropriate flanges to fit an inflatable silicone seal to succeed in leak-proof operation. (MOC SS 304)

Product container

  • Perforated Plate: Having many holes of equal diameter for constant distribution of air through the product.
  • Bottom sieve: The Dutch weave sieve acts as a product retentive filter.
  • Sight glass: To view the drive of the product.
  • Triclover for sensor: Enables mounting of product temp. Sensor, which measures product temperature.
  • Sampling Device: A device for easy removal of samples during the process.
  • PZ sieve (Dutch mesh): Detachable PZ sieve simplifies easy washing and cleaning.
  • Trolley: The product container is riding on the mobile trolley for easy drive having PU wheels. (MOC SS 304)

Spray and retarding chamber

  • It comprises an expansion zone with a fitted spray nozzle and the upper section of the filter housing where the filter bag assembly is positioned.
  • For the vertical modifications of the nozzle, multiple height mountings at spray ports are provided.
  • Two sight glasses are included, with the lower one for observing the spray jet and the upper one for filter-locking devices.
  • For better brightness, a light source is provided.
  • The foremost chamber & product container has a flange to fit the Blow-up seal to succeed in leakproof operation.
  • Explosion duct: It works as a protection valve for the unit. When pressure increases above 2 bars, the disc opens and pressure is free to the atmosphere.
  • In the event of an explosion, a limit switch will be started upon opening of the explosion disc which shuts down the machining process.

Finger Bag Unit

  • Top filter ring: It grips the top end of the filter bag. This ring is linked to the shaking pneumatic lock assembly. (MOC SS 304)
  • Bottom filter ring: The other end of the filter bag is devoted to this ring through a clamping assembly. (MOC SS 316)
  • Filter Bag: A filter bag is used to recall the fines. (PC Satin)

Filter Bag Shaking Cylinder

  • This cylinder shakes the filter bag at prearranged intervals to bring back the penalties into product containers which are deposited in the bag during the process. Shaker pneumatic assembly grips the bag assembly.

Spraying System

  • Spray Pump with Trolley: A Spray pump is used to deliver the binder resolution from the tank to the spray nozzle. Spray pump speed modification can be done through a functioning panel or on the spray pump. It is mounted on the distinct SS 304 Trolley.
  • The spray nozzle is employed to release the binder solution into the fluidized bed. Multiple height mountings at the spray port in the retarding chamber allow for vertical adjustments of the nozzle. (Material of Construction: SS-316L)

Damper OR Control Flap

  • The inlet damper, situated on the bottom chamber flange, serves to block water entry into the inlet duct during washing and prevents air suction from the inlet air handler during suction charging. This damper operates on an ON/OFF basis. (Material of Construction: SS-304).
  • Outlet damper regulates airflow based on product and process requirements, aided by a proportionate valve controlled through I/P. (Material of Construction: SS-304).


  • The airflow through the machine is created by the blower by generating suction. It is placed at the outlet end.
  • The assortment of the blower depends on the airflow necessity. (MOC MS/AL. WITH EPOXY PAINTED & SPARK PROOF CONSTRUCTION)

Inlet Air Handling Unit

  • Standard AHU is a dual skin 50mm PUF separated unit having SS304 sheet inside & MS powder coated sheet outside. It contains a steam heater with counter flange, Face and bypass system, EU4 (10 microns), EU7 (5 microns) Filter & EU14 (HEPA), and ON/OFF type steam Valve.
  • Support Column frame: It supports the Functioning control panel, Pneumatic control panel, Main Body housing, and also the bottom chamber. (MS WITH SS 304 CLADDING)
  • The temperature at the inlet is measured using a provision in the duct, allowing for the setting of the desired temperature through PLC. As the temperature approaches the set value, the face portion gradually closes.
  • Outlet temperature is measured through a provision at the outlet to gauge the air temperature as it exits the fluid bed processor. As the incoming air passes through the product, transferring heat to it, the processed air exits through the outlet filter. The temperature of this air is displayed on the PLC.

Operating Control Panel (Basic PLC System)

  • The control panel (mounted on the lateral support) is made from SS 304. A 10” color HMI is mounted to operate the machine through PLC.
  • One emergency push button is set for shutting the machine off in any improbable event. (In the case of the flameproof machine it is mounted individually on the lateral support)
  • One pressure device for monitoring pneumatic pressure for machine operation
  • Two Pressure instruments to monitor sealing pressures
  • Gauges to monitor variance pressure across product / bottom screen
  • One manual setting knob with dial gauge for modifying atomization air pressure
  • Pneumatic switch and sign for filter bag locking

The following functions will be activated through the PLC:

  • Expand / Reduce filter sealing
  • Expand / Reduce container sealing
  • Exhaust air temperature – pre-set, actual, minimum, and maximum
  • Product air temperature – pre-set, actual, minimum & maximum
  • Inlet air temperature – pre-set and definite with PID control
  • Pneumatic filter Bag shaking device Auto/ Manual
  • Filter shaking interval
  • Duration of filter shaking
  • Main Air Pressure Set Min. Level.
  • Process on/off
  • Heater on/off
  • Spray on/off
  • Different safety alarms & safety interlock
  • Recipe parameters, Batch code, Operator code, Product code, Batch parameters, Process parameters such as Temperature, Blower speed, Process time, etc.

Electric panel

All the electrical control modules like the contactor, relay & transformer, etc. are mounted inside the M.S. Powder Coated panel which is positioned in the service area.

Pneumatic panel

All pneumatic components are attached inside the S.S.304 panel and fitted on the support column of the machine.