Superheated Hot Water Sterilizer

Pharmachem Cosmetic Industries, a leading Superheated Superheated Hot Water Sterilizer Manufacturers in Mumbai has innovated a Superheated Hot Water Sterilizer. This advanced system employs superheated water at elevated pressure to sterilize vials and PE containers. It addresses the limitations of traditional steam sterilization methods and aligns with the latest pharmaceutical regulations. These sterilizers are also known as Superheated Water Spray sterilizers. The sterilizer utilizes superheated water as the sterilization medium, allowing users to adjust the permanent temperature-pressure relationship, a feature distinct from steam sterilizers.

Superheated Hot Water Sterilizer

The product is loaded into the sterilizer using specially designed loading carriages, a process facilitated by Superheated Hot Water Sterilizer Suppliers in Maharashtra. Process water (usually deionized water) is filled in the chamber up to a prearranged level. The water is drawn by a sanitary production centrifugal Pump, passed through the heat exchanger, and sprayed above the load. A distribution network and spray manifold confirm a very uniform spray over the product (load). During the heating phase of the process externally produced steam is supplied to the heat exchanger. This steam heats the process water circulating on the secondary side of the heat exchanger. The product temperature gradually rises from ambient to sterilization temperature, and the heating rate can be adjusted across different temperature ranges to minimize thermal shock to the product. The air compensation system is operational during the heating phase. 

This system is offered by Superheated Hot Water Sterilizer Manufacturers and Suppliers in India and sustains the chamber pressure at predetermined levels over the temperature series, thereby confirming minimal pressure difference between the chamber and the container. This pressure-balancing action endures throughout the process. After achieving the sterilization temperature the Sterilization timer starts. The sterilization temperature is sustained, for a settable period, by automatic regulation of the incoming steam supply. During the cooling stage, the steam supply to the heat exchanger is switched off and the cooling water supply is switched on. The product is subsequently cooled at an adjustable rate to reach the unloading temperature. At the end of the procedure, the load is unpacked. The process water, if mandatory, can be reused.

Salient Features:-

Excellent Heat Transfer: Sterilizers from Pharmachem Cosmetics Industries ensure a consistent water shower over the product, guaranteeing uniform temperature distribution across the chamber during the sterilization phase. Additionally, as water directly contacts the product, the heat transfer is more efficient, avoiding the impact of air pockets, a common issue with steam.

Superior Closed Loop System: The sterilization process employs a closed-loop system for the process water. The key advantage is that the water is sterilized during the process, posing no hazard to the product. This ensures adherence to regulations governing the cooling of sealed containers during sterilization.

Pressure Compensation System: Traditional Steam Sterilizers face a significant limitation when sterilizing flexible containers, as the constant temperature-pressure relationship in these systems can lead to the collapse or bursting of the containers. Pharmachem Cosmetics Industries' Sterilizers address this issue by allowing independent control of temperature and pressure, offering flexibility based on container material, size, and the characteristics of the liquid being sterilized.

Process Management System: The Sterilizers are provided with a microprocessor precise system. This also includes an operator terminal and printer. The system is provided with 10 user-distinct programs. More versatile computer-organized systems are also obtainable on request.