Multi Mill

Pharmachem Cosmetic Industries introduces itself as a prominent and top-grade blender manufacturer in the industry of  Multi Mill Manufacturers in Mumbai.  It is a highly efficient and useful blending machine designed for the homogeneous mixing and lubrication process of dry granules. It is renowned for the robust design, modular screens, and compact footprint of its Multi-Mill. This makes it well-suited for a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical industry, food processing, confectioneries, bakery ingredients, chemicals, dyestuffs, cosmetic powders, pesticides, fertilizers, ceramic products, and more.

With the versatility we are recognized as the best Multi Mill Suppliers in Maharashtra, positioning it as the optimal particle sizing equipment for diverse applications and various particle size outputs. With over 2000 Satisfied Clients, we take pride in offering a wide range of products. Our blenders are prominently used to blend and make the process easier to enhance.

We are dedicated to providing the best solution to the industry. Its primary function is to reduce the size of solid materials by milling or grinding them into smaller particles.  Because of all these qualities, Multi Mill Manufacturers and Suppliers in India are the priority of citizens. It is essential in various industry processes where element size reduction, mixing, and blending of solid materials are required for manufacturing processes. They offer efficient and versatile milling solutions for a wide range of applications.


  • It functions based on the principle of variable force swing beaters, featuring both knife and impact edges, rotating within a chosen screen to achieve the necessary size reduction.
  • Material entering the hopper descends into the processing chamber, where it moves towards the periphery and passes through the screen in both radial and tangential directions. The processed material is subsequently collected in the container located below the processing chamber
  • The final product's output and quality are contingent on three primary factors.
  • Design of the beaters (knife/impact edges),
Multi Mill

Salient Features: -

  •    All components in contact can be disassembled and cleaned easily and swiftly.
  •    The machine is engineered for uninterrupted operation.
  •    Cylindrical screen for increased output efficiency.
  •    Flameproof electrical can be provided at extra cost.
  •    Appropriate for dry and wet granules.
  •    All contact parts are from SS304/SS316 quality material.
  •    All contact parts can be easily and quickly dismantled and cleaned.
  •    Castors provided for ease of movement.
  •    Sieves are offered in sizes of 0.5 to 12 mm hole dia.
  •    12 nos. beaters with knife ends, impact edges & 02 nos. scraper blades.

Technical Specifications:-

  •   Drive motor: 3 HP / 1440 rpm
  •   D.O.L. starter provided with the revocable switch.
  •   Rotor RPM: 750 / 1400 / 2200 / 2800
  •   Output: 25 to 175 kgs. / Hr. (depending upon the products and reduction required in sizes)
  •   Estimated charging/discharging height: 1440 / 730 mm.
Model No. PCI MM Starter DOL with reversible switch.
Output 50 kg to 200 kg/hr. depending upon the product and the reduction required in size. Material
Charging ht.
1445 mm (approx.)
Rotor Assembly Dia. 250mm (approx.) Material discharging ht. 730mm (approx.)
Rotor speed 750 / 1500 / 2300 / 3000 RPM Overall Dimensions 870 x 965 x 1630 mm ht.
Beaters 12 No. with knife and impact edges & 2 scraper blades Net weight 275 kg (approx.)
Screen Dimensions Dia. (ID) 260mm, Ht. 135 mm. Gross weight 425 kgs (approx.)
Motor TEFC, 3HP/1440 RPM / 440V / 50CS / 3PH / AC Case Dimensions 1200 x 1550 x 1860 mm (HT)
SS Perforated Screen sizes (Holes Dia in mm)
0.5, 1.0, 1.5 (b) 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (c) 7, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25.


SS Wire Mesh Sieve
(a) 4,6,8,10,12,14,16,20,24,30,40,50,60 (b) 80,100.


Multi-Mill are available in size of -

  •    1 HP MULTI MILL
  •    3 HP MULTI MILL
  •    5 HP MULTI MILL
  •    7.5 HP MULTI MILL